Sheet of Paper

Sadness overcame me, out of the blue

I couldn’t explain why I felt this way,

though the tears rushed out of me like words

from a fountain pen,

upon the parchment,

line by line,

life by life



as the well of my teardrops turned to dust

and just like that,

I was gone.

© Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography “The Illusion of Desolation”

© Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography “On a night such as this, you’d be surprised by what you might see, or what you don’t see . .



It’s been a bit since I’ve posted on here.

Writer’s block has crept up on me since my dad’s passing last month.

This WP space has been so quiet, you might have heard the crickets chirping upon your visit.

Am I back from hiatus? Possibly.

It feels good to be writing these words, and that’s good enough for me.

Here are 3 one-liners I came up with yesterday, they just kinda popped into existence.

And the quote below, I simply adore.

Every flower, unique in its beauty, is meant to soar like the Blue jay. 

Once bitten by the love bug, its delirious poison courses through our veins until the very end of existence. 

I’ve never understood the concept of boredom- curiosity has always been the breadth of my lungs. 

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