Tree of Life

The Universe is vast . . 

we wander through life’s deserts and valleys, the sands of time immeasurable . . 

We cannot tell if things are closer or farther than they appear . . 

and within each grain of sand, there is a Universe. 

Wandering the sand dunes in search of the Tree of Life . . Death Valley National Park, California © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

Sweet Yearning

Lay me down on a bed of wildflowers, and do with me what you’ve been aching to . . all this time 💞

A bed of flowers in Spring Valley, taken on a Spring day 🌸 © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography via prisma app

Beside The Pillar of Truth

In times of ancient, you left your love letter to me upon the shore, an infinite circle, made of sand and stone; drawing me back to you in this lifetime. 

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Vik, Iceland © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

Hourglass: In the End

When that last grain of silt
slides down the concave of time,
Where will my love be..
will your hand rest in mine?

While watching From Time to Time (the film was adapted from The Chimneys of Green Knowe, a children’s book by Lucy M. Boston), I heard these words spoken by Granny Oldknow, and they struck a chord in my heart. I went on pixteller, & put these words to an image of two hands interwoven, which I came across on creative commons. Photo by Gustavo Medde,


The Hourglass: Part I

The sands of time fall through the hourglass..

Every moment that passes

The end draws nearer

Than the distant cries of our birth


Fill your lungs with the warm breeze, breathe birdsong,

Cherish the memories made

The summer mornings spent as a young lass,

Rolling in the grass

Splashing through puddles,

As infinity gave chase

A wishing flower in the green grasses. Photo by: Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography (me)

A wishing flower in the green grasses. Photo Credit: Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography (me)