The Greatest Gift

God how I love you darling,

Maybe the greatest gift we have given each other is that of patience with our hearts and patience with Ourselves

You truly hold my Heart,
And if you would do me the great honor,
and Hold my Hand

Let’s make something Special,
for all the Seasons of our Lives.

Winter Wonderland, 2014, Brooklyn, New York ©️Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

Warm & Fuzzy

You’ve stirred something inside of me, 

A luminescence full of beauty and grace,

Reverberating deeply within my soul;

Infinitely. ✨💗

© Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography “Warm & Fuzzy”

In All Its Glory, The Rising Sun

I am in awe of the rising sun;  After all, it shows itself after the night sky, brimming with stars, and a moon, most bewitching 

The morning sun rising above the mountains, which I witnessed whilst road tripping from Nevada to California © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

She Who Bathes in Starlight

She bathed in starlight, this goddess of the night

Nourishing her spirit with elements potently raw, and ancient as time itself

Bathing in the cosmic sea, she floated away to the deepest recesses of herself,

and then on to different selves, different lives

With the last pull of the moon turning the tide back to this world,

The sun rose above the hills, while she squinted awake, sleepy-eyed,

and I tickled her nose with mine, and kissed her ever so gently on the forehead,

because I loved her presently more than I had yesterday,

And so it goes every morning.


Photo: Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography















Beam of Light

I remember that first moment 

the Universe came into existence 

I was there. You were there.

Every being in the world today,

Everyone who has ever existed, 

And all those yet to be born,

We were all there. 

Baring witness to creation. 

Energy, flowing through the vastness of space,

Lighting the heavens with stardust,

a miracle come alive. 

Atoms dancing the dance of the Universe,

Coming together, 


Joining together,


The dance goes on eternally,

shift red, shift blue,

Now rotate,

a perfectly imperfect ellipse

Rotate and glide,

As the sun rises and sets,

As the moon joins the night sky,

the stars serenade, 

the witches dance

We are infinite.