Hamlet: Lost & Found

On a nondescript road (x) in the hamlet, the Danish Prince lost his way and came quite undone . . Truth being what it is, he struggled to get better, and after years of healing spirit, mind, and body; he loved her still.  💕

Trendelburg, Germany, Summer 2016 © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

Is Dog a Hidden Man’s Best Friend?

At the Elf School in Reykjavik, we received a guest one afternoon. An older gentleman, he was a seer- of Elves, of Huldufolk (hidden people), and of the dead.  He spent about an hour with us, graciously answering our questions, while the school’s headmaster translated back and forth.

You see, this seer’s incredible gift was both a blessing and a curse. To be aware, always, of other beings; other dimensions which most people could scarcely imagine. But too much sight could overwhelm the mind. Can you picture yourself sitting in a classroom, focusing on your academics, while everywhere you turn you see ghost spirits? As a boy of eleven, he had to leave school behind. In Iceland in those days, they taught English as a third language (after Icelandic and Danish) in schools starting at age twelve. For this seer, it meant that he would need the assistance of a translator in order to share many of his experiences, as he went on to work with Iceland’s Paranormal Society.

During our Q & A session with him at the Elf School, the 21 of us were as curious as could be. I remember asking him if the hidden people needed clairvoyant abilities in order to see us, or if all were able to naturally. I also asked about various aspects of the hidden people’s culture, with one question being, have you ever seen one walking with a dog? Do they live with dogs, cats, and other animals as we do? He answered that he had never seen them together, though he couldn’t rule out any relationship with dogs and such.

That night after class, I made my way to the Elf capital of Iceland, Hafnarjordur. I went off exploring Hellisgurdi Park, which is said to have quite a few Elves in residence. Upon entering the park, I noticed this curious sign– “Elf Circle, elves next 6 km.” Above it was a sign stating, “NO DOGS.”

It’s funny how the Universe can provide us with the answers we seek, hidden in plain sight. As it turns out, a dog may be man’s best friend, but not an elf’s!

You can find out who is an elf’s best friend in my storybook. As it’s being developed, you can follow along here and on my new Facebook page, Nature’s Secrets. 


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NO DOGS ALLOWED on Elf Circle! This sign is posted at the beginning of the path in Hellisgurdi Park in Hafnarjordur, which happens to be the Elf capital of Iceland. © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

Up, up, up, & Away- P2 

The black cat swiftly climbed up the tree. Unbeknownst to her, this was no ordinary tree swaying in the breeze; it was none other than Jorgellson, the Forest Grinch. 

Jorgellson, the Forest Grinch. photo : © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography, from my series, Electric Skies. words: © Lisa Ellen Goodman

MY NEW BLOG: The Antidote in Words


First, I want to thank all of you in this community who support me and keep up with my work. It means the world to me.

I’d like to invite you along for my latest adventure with words, my new blog, The Antidote in Words.

That’s the title, and the webby address where you can follow along with me is,


The Antidote in Words is a journey in thoughts & feelings, and is the first time I’m really sharing the expression of pieces of the innermost me online. Pieces of me past, present, and ever-evolving.

I chose the title, The Antidote in Words, because I see this as a continuous healing journey, through the therapeutic release and expression of thoughts & feelings in writing. Most of the posts on my new blog will be in anecdotal form, and cornball I am, I also enjoy the play on words with anecdote & antidote. I would love to have your feedback and comments if any of my posts resonate with you.

I will continue posting my ramblings on Ramblings of a Mad Hatter, including excerpts from children’s stories which I am writing, and my photopoetry.

I am also working on a blog called, Adventures in LEGgoLand, which will be a series of vignettes of some of my travels & wacky adventures in life!

To get you acquainted with my new blog,The Antidote in Words, here is my first post from that blog, “FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Paradise.” 

“In the night, the stormy night, she closed her eyes . . 

In the night, the stormy night, away she flies . .” 

The perfect evening. (Not that perfect exists, but you know what I’m saying.) 

Alone, riding my bike in Prospect Park- that oasis of wilderness in the midst of Brooklyn. It was spring, or early summer of 2014. Dusk was setting in, and a slight breeze caressed the air. The birds yipped as the trees grew dark. The perfect evening.

I was about to do something crazy. For the record, I wasn’t trying to commit suicide. If anything, I was trying to commit to life, surrender to the moment and let it be.

Coldplay’s “Paradise” was playing on the headphones that were plugged into my ears. The song used to remind me of my summer days road-tripping through California and the Pacific Northwest, as it was often pumping on the car stereo. Now, however, the feeling was entirely different.

The winter before, I had been falling in love with someone across the ocean. Deeply, profoundly, like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I was forever changed, for the better. Now, I was deeply heartbroken in love, shattered, confusion running rampant in my mind like a bag full of marbles scattering across the floor. I had literally lost my marbles! And how had my insane behavior made her feel?

I was also struggling with internal demons, illness and family matters that were ripping apart my insides. It had been breaking me down for years, and how I was affecting the people I cared for was weighing on me immensely. Every part of me now wanted to fight to get better.

I had slowly biked up Prospect Park’s tremendously long & steep hill, at a snail’s crawl. Downhill awaited riders, right around that corner. If just for a few moments in time, all the weight of the world was about to be lifted.

Soon I was gliding down the tremendously steep hill; whizzing past the ball fields and ice-cream truck. Coldplay was singing along, “When she was just a girl, she expected the world . . but it flew away from her reach and the bullets catch in her teeth . .  Life goes on, it gets so heavy . . the wheel breaks the butterfly . .” Gravity had the bicycle & I descending this hill at a zippity pace! Now here’s the crazy part- I let go.

Hands free, arms wide open, palms turned toward the skies, I was soaring down the hill; the crisp wind at my back. The lyric played, “In the night, the stormy night, she closed her eyes . . In the night, the stormy night, away she flies . .” 

And for a few brief moments I did close my eyes, arms extended out like the wings of a bird- flying, I was flying down the hill, past the lake with the ducks & swans, my soul soaring free.

A treasured moment. As with all of life’s experiences, it can never be replicated, it can never be felt twice. But a year and a half later, ColdPlay’s “Paradise” is playing again, and with the breeze in the night air, I flash back to that time I was flying past the trees, and I smile.

FUN FACT: I see the video for “Paradise” now (I hadn’t before that bike ride), and irony of all ironies, the elephant in the video is riding a bicycle! Then he’s riding a unicycle hands free! Though at the end of the clip, the elephant is carrying the weight of the unicycle on his shoulders, and finally feels free when he tosses it to the ground and frolics off through the grass to play with his elephant band, twirling about.