The Greatest Gift

God how I love you darling,

Maybe the greatest gift we have given each other is that of patience with our hearts and patience with Ourselves

You truly hold my Heart,
And if you would do me the great honor,
and Hold my Hand

Let’s make something Special,
for all the Seasons of our Lives.

Winter Wonderland, 2014, Brooklyn, New York ©️Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

Worlds Away

We were worlds away
Yet I felt her in my soul
Cosmic Love Affair

I’m on the new prose app (* and this is a haiku challenge that I responded to a few days ago. I’ll also be posting some of my WordPress writings on the prose app. 

WordPress- Worlds Away- haiku from prose app- quote from my fb cover photo

*Upon signing up for the prose site, they ask for a pen name, so the dork I am chose PilotFinePoint. 😉