Heart in Bloom

You are the flower,   

Forever blossoming,    

Deserving of the loveliest sentiments,    

Gently woven by the poet’s tongue 🌹

With love always, your bee 🐝☺️ © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography


Whispers on the Wind

Where do whispered wishes go . . as they sail off on the wind, without form or direction; do you hear them crying out? 

Prayers, once part of this lone dandelion flower in Spring Valley, sailing the winds of the cosmic ocean © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography


It was always you I felt in my heart

Who whispered, “You’re safe. You’ve come home.” 

I lay my head on your chest, so that I can feel your rythym 

And I whisper back, “No matter what it seemed, a love like ours could never truly come undone.” 

A flower resting, as seen in summertime, England. © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography