Beside The Pillar of Truth

In times of ancient, you left your love letter to me upon the shore, an infinite circle, made of sand and stone; drawing me back to you in this lifetime. 

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Vik, Iceland © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography


She Who Bathes in Starlight

She bathed in starlight, this goddess of the night

Nourishing her spirit with elements potently raw, and ancient as time itself

Bathing in the cosmic sea, she floated away to the deepest recesses of herself,

and then on to different selves, different lives

With the last pull of the moon turning the tide back to this world,

The sun rose above the hills, while she squinted awake, sleepy-eyed,

and I tickled her nose with mine, and kissed her ever so gently on the forehead,

because I loved her presently more than I had yesterday,

And so it goes every morning.


Photo: Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography















Worlds Away

We were worlds away
Yet I felt her in my soul
Cosmic Love Affair

I’m on the new prose app (* and this is a haiku challenge that I responded to a few days ago. I’ll also be posting some of my WordPress writings on the prose app. 

WordPress- Worlds Away- haiku from prose app- quote from my fb cover photo

*Upon signing up for the prose site, they ask for a pen name, so the dork I am chose PilotFinePoint. 😉