Wandered into The Forest: draft for 🍃Nature’s Secrets🍃 storybook

I ventured into Reinhardswald Forest at dusk, after the sun had set. Yes, I'm a little bit nuts, but I didn't go too deep inside because I was warned at the castle that at night one would lose their way.

I might have been the only person in that area of the forest at the time, my heart thumping chills down my spine, yet I felt the peaceful presence and connection with nature all around.

And unlike Hansel or Gretel, (which I found a copy of the little storybook to read at the castle during that evening's supper), I hadn't brought my roll of bread, to drop a trail of breadcrumbs.

I was also told that the wild boars come out after dark, (some of whom had wild piglets that spring) and sadly, local hunters arrive after midnight with their guns, so I headed out of the forest and to my car a bit after 10 o'clock, and arrived safely back at the castle, which was now illuminated with lanterns.

note to self: this photo of the castle lit up is from around dusk, when I was heading to the forest. check through all the pix to see if there are any of the castle illuminated on the night sky, when I returned from the forest later that night.

© Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

Is Dog a Hidden Man’s Best Friend?

At the Elf School in Reykjavik, we received a guest one afternoon. An older gentleman, he was a seer- of Elves, of Huldufolk (hidden people), and of the dead.  He spent about an hour with us, graciously answering our questions, while the school’s headmaster translated back and forth.

You see, this seer’s incredible gift was both a blessing and a curse. To be aware, always, of other beings; other dimensions which most people could scarcely imagine. But too much sight could overwhelm the mind. Can you picture yourself sitting in a classroom, focusing on your academics, while everywhere you turn you see ghost spirits? As a boy of eleven, he had to leave school behind. In Iceland in those days, they taught English as a third language (after Icelandic and Danish) in schools starting at age twelve. For this seer, it meant that he would need the assistance of a translator in order to share many of his experiences, as he went on to work with Iceland’s Paranormal Society.

During our Q & A session with him at the Elf School, the 21 of us were as curious as could be. I remember asking him if the hidden people needed clairvoyant abilities in order to see us, or if all were able to naturally. I also asked about various aspects of the hidden people’s culture, with one question being, have you ever seen one walking with a dog? Do they live with dogs, cats, and other animals as we do? He answered that he had never seen them together, though he couldn’t rule out any relationship with dogs and such.

That night after class, I made my way to the Elf capital of Iceland, Hafnarjordur. I went off exploring Hellisgurdi Park, which is said to have quite a few Elves in residence. Upon entering the park, I noticed this curious sign– “Elf Circle, elves next 6 km.” Above it was a sign stating, “NO DOGS.”

It’s funny how the Universe can provide us with the answers we seek, hidden in plain sight. As it turns out, a dog may be man’s best friend, but not an elf’s!

You can find out who is an elf’s best friend in my storybook. As it’s being developed, you can follow along here and on my new Facebook page, Nature’s Secrets. 


Thank you for your support! ❤️ 


NO DOGS ALLOWED on Elf Circle! This sign is posted at the beginning of the path in Hellisgurdi Park in Hafnarjordur, which happens to be the Elf capital of Iceland. © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

Storybook Project

Hello there! An update on the series of photo stories I’ve been posting —

I have spent the summer traveling, and exploring like a creature the dark and enchanting forests of England and Germany; while studying folklore along the fairy tale road of the Brothers Grimm, and attending class in the Elf School of Iceland.

I took many photographs along this journey, each one in themselves telling a story of a landscape rich in nature’s secrets, and inspiring the imagination.

My desire is to blur the lines of photography and literature in this story book which I am creating, each illuminating the other; and all brought to life by these travels.

Please stay tuned!

Wandering after dusk into Reinhardswald Forest in Germany. . © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

Up, up, up, & Away- P2 

The black cat swiftly climbed up the tree. Unbeknownst to her, this was no ordinary tree swaying in the breeze; it was none other than Jorgellson, the Forest Grinch. 

Jorgellson, the Forest Grinch. photo : © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography, from my series, Electric Skies. words: © Lisa Ellen Goodman

Up, up, up, & Away

Black cat climbing a tree into the sky above, while the werewolf howls. 


Photo: © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

From my series, Electric Skies 

Telling stories with a picture, I am creating a book merging literature with photography. 

I will keep you posted, and you can follow along with me at: 


Happy International Children’s Book Week!!!

A Happy Children’s Book Week to all!

It's International Children's Book Week . . Let's all celebrate!!!  Image courtesy of google images & allourchildren.org.

It’s International Children’s Book Week . . Let’s all celebrate!!!
Image courtesy of google images & allourchildren.org.

Are you rereading any of your childhood favorites this week, or reading something wondrous with your kids?

"The Velveteen Rabbit," by Margery Williams (1922).  I can't say enough about this book, it simply touched my heart, touched it deeply.  Image courtesy of google images.

“The Velveteen Rabbit,” by Margery Williams (1922).
I can’t say enough about this book, it simply touched my heart, touched it deeply.
Image courtesy of google images.

Here’s a small snippet of some of my favorite childhood books, in no particular order. How about yours?

Mister Dog
The Velveteen Rabbit
A Wrinkle in Time
Where The Red Fern Grows
The Giving Tree
Island of The Blue Dolphins
The Chronicles of Narnia
And of course, many of Roald Dahl’s books such as Boy, Esio Trot, The BFG, The Giraffe & The Pelly & Me, The Witches, and Matilda.

Now it’s YOUR turn to share! 🙂

Remember pop-up books? All books spring to life!  Image courtesy of google images.

Remember pop-up books? All books spring to life!
Image courtesy of google images.

Celebrating what lifts our imagination and our hearts, year after year.  Image courtesy of google images.

Celebrating what lifts our imagination and our hearts, year after year.
Image courtesy of google images.

The Haberdashery of Mister Chitterly-Witters

Mister Chitterly-Witters was the proprietor of the haberdashery over on North Main Street. In true fashion of the medieval trinket shoppes of yore, he sold a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, with boatloads of everything in between!

And what fine goods they were! They had ascots and bow-ties of the highest quality silks- produced from a long line of Emperor worms in China. The shelves were lined with French cologne, and mustache combs; fiddles and faddles, kaleidoscopes, and ping-pong paddles. Why, you could find a pot of gold from the Isle of Leprechaun, complete with a map to your very own rainbow!

With a collection like this, you could probably surmise that Mister Chitterly-Witters was a very eccentric man, with impeccable taste.


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