My, Oh My

My words are tender, as the feelings expressed are that of tenderness.

My eyes are sparkling with passion, as the way I view the world is passionate.

My song is light, as I float in air, rejoining my luminous spirit.

My hair, mussy and all about, as I run through the forest, the wind soaring through me like wildfire.

My heart is mysterious, as you left me in wonder, curious, yearning to know the feeling . .

Photo: From a summer evening stroll at the Botanical Gardens. © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

The Karmic Ocean

Standing on the shore,

I put my loving intentions out into the ocean

And feel that love gradually coming back, in waves 

She washes over me,

Purifying my soul

The ultimate release, with each pull of the tide 

This picture was taken a few years ago, as i walked along the ocean by Coney Island, in Brooklyn. © Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography