Reasons I Wouldn’t Name My Child Molly


No offense to any persons named Molly, or if you have a relative/animal/friend named Molly. I’m sure it’s a lovely name!

But here’s why I’d likely refrain from naming my child Molly: 

1. The way I have to stretch my mouth real wide vertically (like a muppet) to say the name Molly. 

2. Molly is also the name of a discotheque pharmacutical. 

3. That it rhymes with folly is actually NOT a reason not to. 

4. Molly Ringwald’s role in Not Another Teen Movie.  



  1. She played the airline person near the end of the movie, I just rewatched the scene on YouTube to refresh my memory, it’s been so long! Her character was pretty on point actually, so scratch that!

    I love you too, Boo, and if you think up some more reasons not to name a child Molly, please feel free to add them on here! 😊

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