Rubik’s Cube

She is an enigma. 

Genuine magic, wrapped in a felt cloak of mystery. 

A parlor trick she is not. 

And you’d be daft to think you know her, even one bit. 

In there lies the beauty, 

She is not a calculus to be solved.

If you care to stay and look deeper,

You’ll see that she just is.


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Love Must Win

I can hear the distant cries

of my baby girl as she enters this world

Ten fingers, ten toes, her cheeks a fresh, radiant rose

My heart swells with a love I’ve never felt before,

as my wife cradles her, eyes aglow, gazing upon our little miracle,

we are all reborn with unconditional love, we are a family.

How could the haters, the judgers, the naysayers, see this blessing as a sin?

Above all else, Love Must Win. 

The years have passed,

with love, with grace, we’ve overcome all the odds

the one battle we couldn’t win in the end was dastardly cancer

You’ve been there by my side, along every step, as I’ve withered away

Making me feel at home in your arms, warm and safe and loved,

Until I was taken to the hospital on my very last day

With tears in your eyes, you tell the nurse that you’re here to see me, to say our goodbyes

“Relation?”, she asks, a wisp of cold lingering in the air . .

You tell her how I’m your life partner, together a golden 50 years.

“I’m sorry, but my hands are tied. If you’re not married or immediate family, you’re not allowed inside.”

My room is only a stone’s throw from the nurses’ station, I overhear the entire conversation.

“Not immediate family? We’ve raised three children together, we’ve shared a home for over 50 years, a home where our grandchildren have spent Christmases and birthdays, and we’ve piggybacked them around the yard after weekend suppers . . ”

Laying on my tiny hospital bed, alone in the room, I could hear my beloved sobbing, out in the hallway,     and I wished on the stars above that she could see how her words have brought me comfort and smiles in these last moments; though it pains my heart that she’ll never know . .

The nurse doesn’t know what to say, and as she offers you a tissue, she says what she’s been required to,

“Again, I’m so sorry, but in the eyes of the law, you are not considered family. There’s really nothing that I can do, I can’t break with protocol, I must follow the rules. Why don’t you have a seat over there in the waiting room, it’s down the hall to the left. And you can keep that box of tissues, I wish I could do more to help.”

Oh God, my love, is this how our life together ends? Unable to speak our hearts, to embrace one last time.

If only I had the chance, hand in hand, I would try to tell you all that you’ve meant to me . . you are the love of my life, my best friend in the world; and screw what the law says, you are and always will be, my wife.

I call out to you, my darling, my love, but my voice is too weak . .

As you’re banished to the waiting room . . so close, yet so far, my final words a whisper,

Love Can’t Wait, Love Must Win. 

#LoveMustWin  Image courtesy of google images

Image courtesy of google images

A beautiful rendition of Live’s They Stood Up For Love

Hillary knows that it's time for Love to Win! #LoveMustWin Image courtesy of google images

Hillary knows that it’s time for Love to Win! #LoveMustWin Image courtesy of google images