The Haberdashery of Mister Chitterly-Witters

Mister Chitterly-Witters was the proprietor of the haberdashery over on North Main Street. In true fashion of the medieval trinket shoppes of yore, he sold a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, with boatloads of everything in between!

And what fine goods they were! They had ascots and bow-ties of the highest quality silks- produced from a long line of Emperor worms in China. The shelves were lined with French cologne, and mustache combs; fiddles and faddles, kaleidoscopes, and ping-pong paddles. Why, you could find a pot of gold from the Isle of Leprechaun, complete with a map to your very own rainbow!

With a collection like this, you could probably surmise that Mister Chitterly-Witters was a very eccentric man, with impeccable taste.


Copyright © Lisa Ellen Goodman, 2015, All Rights Reserved

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