I Am (Open, I Am Ready)

I close my eyes and awaken.
The nightmare dissipates..
I’ve faced my demons head on and prevailed with everlasting growth.
The fortress encircling my tender heart crumbles to the ground.
Warm light, the softest hues, appear on the horizon, my spirit drifts toward.

Ultimate truths take shape.
I am love. I am light. I am vulnerability. This human form. I make mistakes. I am forgiveness. I am gratitude. I am hope. I am healing, I am progress. I am open, I radiate. I am ready to connect.

I want to feel your love, enveloping all SIX of my senses.
I want to be the slow and steady heartbeat you fall asleep to as the rain trickles down in a stream against the window.
There’s nothing more precious than to be cuddled up warm with you on a winter’s night, reading aloud with our children, The Velveteen Rabbit, with happy tears as he prances off with hind legs.
I will be there for you come hell or high-water.
No matter the obstacle, this love, pure and true, will conquer and rise above.

And it’ll be a life worth living if the last sunrise I see is in your eyes.
If the last thing I ever feel is your wrinkled little paw in mine.
I love you.

via Enchanting Minds on Facebook
“I would rather be alone than spend my life with anyone else but you.”


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