Mellow Yellow

“They call her mellow yellow,”  — Lyrics from Donovan, “Mellow Yellow.” 
I made friends with this most unusual caterpillar that day. Watching her trot among the leaves in the grass was nothing short of amazing. We were concerned that she could be squished while going about her afternoon at our campground, especially if we played football or even from people walking around, as our campsite is near the log house with the bathrooms, and some people around the campsite might not look down at their feet when they walk, being as attentive as possible of the little creatures on the ground.

So as not to startle her, I laid in the grass, with my finger a make-shift log, still as could be.. and introduced myself and off we went on this traveling adventure; this little lady or gentleman caterpillar on my finger, until safely delivered to their new home- a sturdy log past the bushes where the chipmunks hang out, near the clearing in the woods.. a little alcove with a tiny stream, where only the forest animals live (and where once that weekend I wandered off to explore at a respectful distance (close enough to feel the enchantment of their world, yet far enough as to not disturb any of the animals or their habitat.)

Anyhow, this caterpillar had a new log house, and has perhaps now transformed into a most magnificent butterfly, spreading her glorious wings and with freedom of flight, hopefully to live out her days in peace and never be squished in the grass! I wonder if she remembers our adventure that day, or any of her time as a caterpillar. The thrill of exploring this curious world, step by step; and the hazards that accompany such a journey. I remember her, and feel inspired to revisit a story I begun to write a few months ago, about a turtle named Gus’ adventures, and now when I write for the character, “Mister Felix” the caterpillar, I will have a cherished inspiration.

— in Roscoe, New York.

This was a narrative which I posted with a facebook photo after camping in Roscoe, New York in August. 

Fuzzy, gentle little caterpillar by the campsite. Photo by: Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography

Fuzzy, gentle little caterpillar by the campsite. Photo by: Lisa Ellen Goodman Photography



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