The Stormy Night

C'mon thunderstorm on this warm summer's night

Rip through me with your white hot lightning

Crackling light roaring in the distant skies

Running down the sidewalk,

Hopping the fence

Cutting through the grass,

Laughing wildly

Wondering if it will strike

Heart thumping against my cotton shirt,

Soaked through,

Feeling every drop.

Arms stretched out, spinning

Face to the sky, I breathe it in

Smells like fire and tastes like moonshine

Smiling like one who's unraveled a great mystery

And will never tell a soul.

Racing past houses, trees, telephone poles

Arriving at my door stop,

Porch swing dripping wet

Feeling so alive,

A child of the stormy night

A survivor.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons- Chris Thompson
Photo Credit: Creative Commons- Chris Thompson

Like the Wind

You pass through the trees,
Whispering nature’s deepest secrets
Singing the songs of the ancients,
Blessings of eternal truth

You came to me on a winter’s day,
Playfully dancing as snowflakes do,
A frosty bite in the air, you turned my cheeks to blush

Piercing through me, through my very bones,

You tossed the illusion of this world upside down,

As I tossed caution aside,

Opening the window to let you in like nothing before

Nothing less, nothing more

Strong and fierce, you blast the senses,

Creating piles of leaves to truffle through with joy, rain swept sideways, Dorothy flying from Kansas

True to nature, you too are the gentle breeze off the cerulean waters,

Calming my spirit on a sweltering summer’s day,

Sending butterflies twirling, dipping and fluttering, through the meadows of my heart

Kites of all sorts soaring in the skies,

Children below giving you thanks

As they hold fast, racing through the grass

Wrap me up, wrap me up and take me.. ¬†away we’ll fly,

Wherever we may land is home.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons- Christos Tsoumplekas
Photo Credit: Creative Commons- Christos Tsoumplekas