The Electronic Age is Over.. -Rated

I know more of this world as I sit on the lake

than walking past the new tickers in Times Square, the Big City

Feel more connected than ever could be,

here on this porch swing

Than at the epicenter of Wi & Fi,

our easy access pass to the electronic age


WIFI? Why?

Why not toss it in the lake, lay down and look up at the sky?


Irony in how these small epiphanies are shared with folks today.

Are you the wide-eyed recipient of my message in a bottle,

or stationary stamp affixed and sent by post?

Or, have I (you) powered up?

Opened the browser..

A gazillion things whirring past, flowing in the ether


I hit publish (you hit view)

And here we are (but WHERE is that?)



Like lightning ripping through the fabric of skies around the planet,

illuminating hearts and minds from inner city to seaside villages,

the same words seen by a million eyes..

Inspire change, a smile, perhaps a glimmer of hope,

or forgotten with the next click, the next touch of the screen.


We are but specks of dust, infinitely riding the waves of possibility. 

Finger Lakes- Garden in the rain


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