The Tapeworms for Supper: Cast of Characters & The Invitation

The Tapeworms for Supper

Written by: Lisa Goodman

Illustrations: In the works!!!


The Tapeworms for Supper is a chapter book which I first wrote back in 2009-2010 while taking a workshop in NYC with instructor Marissa Walsh. There are many chapters written, but as I had found something lacking on the first go-a-round, I had put this story aside while working on other projects. I have decided to revisit The Tapeworms and will be releasing the chapters as they are revised. Hope you all enjoy! 


Cast of Characters

The Hosts:

Mrs. Hungry

Mister Hungry

Jenn Hungry, age 9

Grandpa Irwin

and their dog, Snifflers.


The Guests:

Mister Tapeworm

Mrs. Tapeworm

Uncle Phil

And last, but not least, little Teddy Tapeworm, age 8.


The Invitation

There are two things that you should know about tapeworms- they have two teeth and RAVENOUS appetites.  We’ll address their teeth at a later time…Since an invitation has just arrived at the home of tiny Teddy Tapeworm, let’s be off to his house and take a lookie…

They heard a knock at the door, and with a slight whoosh, something slid underneath and into the foyer. Teddy picked it up and handed the scroll with the sparkling gold ribbon over to his mom.

It was the most beautiful invitation that the Tapeworm family had ever seen! In fact, it was the ONLY invitation that they had seen in a while. Teddy and his father looked on in disbelief as mother Tapeworm read aloud:

To Theodore Sr. and Trixie Tapeworm- You two and your family are cordially invited to our home for a supper party to celebrate our dear Grandpa Irwin turning 102. The party is tonight- bring your top hats and dancing shoes!

Yours Truly, Zoey and Ralph Hungry

Father Tapeworm’s eyes were now wide and sparkling with excitement. “Well Trixie, I’ll be darned; a supper party is music to my ears! Am I dreaming?”, he asked. “I must be.”

The three of them pinched themselves in unison to double-check if they could indeed be dreaming. Teddy pinched his nose, while his parents each grabbed that dangly piece of skin that covers a worm’s elbow. “Ouch!” “Ooooch!” “Yeeek!” they shouted as they discovered they were wide awake.

“Honey, we haven’t much time to get ready for tonight’s big event. Go grab your top hat and I’m going to ring the Hungrys.”, Mrs. Tapeworm told her husband as she pranced out of the room.

Teddy winced as his mom picked up the telephone to RSVP yes.

“Oh no.” said he. “I must think up a plan so my family doesn’t turn this supper on its nose!”

The Hungrys didn’t know about his family’s horrible, oh terrible, oh ghastly secret! But if Teddy doesn’t think up something quick, they were about to find out.


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