Nameless River (Short Story: Part I)

Once stood a river without a name

It ran wild

In certain parts the current was strong and flung floating branches onto the banks

Down yonder a bit, the waters were soft and calm

The moose and deer would lap up a refreshing drink to quench their thirst, while

Their tots bathed and splashed around in delight!


This particular river could not be found on any map

No, it existed under skies of blue, dotted with clouds

It stood under the sizzle of white-hot lightning and roaring thunder, summer nights of late August

Between banks where sturdy Oaks grew and filled with snows so pure, even Snow White would be flummoxed.


Fish played under the water in school

Their history classes never foretold of boats and worms and dangers from the world above

For there wasn’t any.


Photo Credit: Flickr- Creative Commons- Efilpera

Photo Credit: Flickr- Creative Commons- Efilpera







Swirling on a warm breeze
The little ones’ eyes light up
Caught a glimpse of me this summer’s night
Giggling, playfully they give chase
Jars ajar
Dusk is setting in, magic’s in the air
Tumbling through blades of grass
Illuminating the darkness that’s inching forward from the skies above

Fireflies dancing on a summer's eve.  Photo Credit: Commons- Brandom Keim
Fireflies dance on a summer’s eve.
Photo Credit: Commons- Brandom Keim